About True Liverpool, Liverpool Student Housing

Nestled strategically at Erskine St, L6 1AJ, UK, True Liverpool stands as an epitome of comfortable and convenient student accommodation in Liverpool. Offering a variety of room options, including True Accessible Apartment, True Apartment, and various studio types like True Sky Studio with City Views, this property caters to diverse preferences, making it an ideal choice for students attending the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, and other esteemed educational institutions.

About Liverpool - A City of Cultural Heritage and Educational Excellence

Liverpool, the vibrant city that hosts True Liverpool, is steeped in culture and history. Renowned as a dynamic hub for students, it boasts a rich musical heritage, being the birthplace of The Beatles. True Liverpool, provided by true students, is strategically located for a balanced lifestyle, offering easy access to city attractions like the Liverpool Cathedral and waterfront areas. The city's charm, combined with the property's strategic location, ensures that students enjoy both their academic pursuits and the vibrant city life. The cost of living in Liverpool is lower compared to other major cities, making it an ideal choice for students seeking quality education on a budget. Living at True Liverpool means being in the vicinity of iconic landmarks, eclectic eateries, and comprehensive transport links.

Premium student housing at affordable costs in Liverpool

Experience exceptional living at True Liverpool, where students can immerse themselves in comfort and convenience right in the heart of the city. Whether settling into a True Studio or soaking up panoramic views from a True Sky Studio with City Views, each living space is thoughtfully designed with modern students in mind.

- Fully Furnished Rooms: True Liverpool's rooms are fully furnished to help students feel right at home from day one. Sophistication meets functionality with room amenities such as ample room storage, cosy lounge areas, and a sleek kitchen with appliances for those who love to cook.

- Fitness and Recreation: Fostering a balanced lifestyle, True Liverpool boasts a state-of-the-art gym for fitness enthusiasts, offering free fitness classes. The rooftop outdoor cinema & cinema room, as well as multiple social areas, provide perfect spaces for entertaining friends. When it's time to focus, students have access to a quiet study zone.

- Connectivity and Support: With a welcoming and friendly team available to assist and high-speed Wi-Fi that meets all digital needs, True Liverpool equips students not only for successful studies but also for a memorable and comfortable university experience.

Local attractions near True Liverpool Student Accommodation

Situated on Erskine Street, True Liverpool offers an ideal location for those looking to immerse themselves in the city's rich academic and cultural life. The University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University stand proudly within reach, making this property a fantastic choice for students aiming for a short commute to campus.

- Culinary Delights: Experience the city's vibrant culinary scene with a visit to local favourites like Moose Coffee and YUM Liverpool. Or catch up with friends over a cup of something warm at the Bean Coffee Shop. Students at True Liverpool are never far from grocers like Tesco Express, making stocking up on essentials stress-free.

- Leisure and Exploration: For healthcare, the Royal Liverpool University Hospital provides peace of mind, a testament to the convenience of the location. Those looking to unwind will find the city's green spaces, such as Wavertree Botanic Gardens, perfect for a picnic or an afternoon jog.

- Must-See Attractions: True Liverpool is also within the proximity of must-see attractions, such as the iconic Liverpool Cathedral and the historical Albert Dock. If you need a retail therapy session, the extensive range of stores at Liverpool ONE is just a stone's throw away.

- Nightlife and Entertainment: For nights out, the area is teeming with lively spots like Concert Square, where you can dance the night away. Transitioning from daytime study sessions in the study zone of True Liverpool to nocturnal experiences in the city's bustling bar district is effortlessly smooth.

Everything a student could need or want is practically on the doorstep of True Liverpool. It's a property that stands at the intersection of academic excellence and the pulsating beat of city life – the ultimate student hub in the heart of Liverpool.

Public transport accessibility from True Liverpool student accommodation

The location of True Liverpool is ideal for students who seek convenience and ease of commute within the bustling city of Liverpool. With prominent public transport stops just a stone's throw away, students can effortlessly access the rest of the city. Lime Street Railway Station serves as a central node for train travel, while numerous bus routes can be caught from the nearby Low Hill Bus Stop. True Liverpool also benefits from proximity to the Edge Hill Train Station, bridging the gap between campus life and the vibrant city. Be assured that staying at True Liverpool means being well-connected to explore, study, and enjoy all that Liverpool has to offer. Elevate your student living experience at True Liverpool – where comfort, convenience, and vibrant city life converge.

Explore Student Accommodations and International Student Life in Liverpool with BookMyUniRoom.com

Are you considering studying in Liverpool as an international student and looking for student accommodation? Living as a university student in Liverpool presents a dynamic mix of opportunities and challenges, making it a nuanced choice for prospective residents. Student life in Liverpool is career-driven, offering a wide range of job-oriented university courses and access to the international student job market.

Liverpool provides numerous budget-friendly student accommodations near popular universities. Many international students prefer to study at top universities in the UK. However, these universities can be very big, which means students may have to travel long distances to get there and this can cost a lot of money.

Are you thinking about furthering your education and pursuing your career at a reputable alma mater while experiencing life in a lively, diverse metropolis such as Liverpool? Liverpool universities have achieved commendable rankings in QS Best Student Cities and QS Best Universities in the UK or Liverpool for 2023.

About Liverpool, UK

Liverpool is a vibrant and captivating city in North West England, which boasts a population of 486,100. Established as a borough in 1207 in Lancashire, Liverpool grew in significance during the late 17th century when the nearby port of Chester started to silt up. The city played a major role in the Atlantic slave trade and became a crucial departure point for English and Irish emigrants to North America. In the 19th century, Liverpool rose to global economic importance during the Industrial Revolution and gained city status in 1880. 

Today, Liverpool's modern economy is diverse, influencing sectors such as knowledge, maritime industry, tourism, culture, hospitality, healthcare, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and the creative and digital sectors. The city is home to the second-highest number of national museums, listed buildings, and parks in the UK after London. Its architectural charm makes it a popular filming location, attracting tourists from around the world.

Q- Things to know before moving to Liverpool as an international student

A- As an international student in Liverpool, ensure you obtain a Long-Stay Visa for living in the UK, be prepared to experience a bit of culture shocks such as no small talk and don't be shy to leverage your student status for discounts, keep ample supply of your prescription medicines until you get registered to the local practitioner and always say Thank You for everything.

Q- What is Liverpool famous for?

Liverpool is famous for being a hub of invention and innovation, pioneering railways, transatlantic steamships, municipal trams, and electric trains. Liverpool is home to the UK's oldest surviving classical orchestra (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra) and repertory theatre (Liverpool Playhouse).

In addition to its historical significance, Liverpool is known for its lively Chinatown, boasting the oldest in Europe. Other famous and interesting facts international students in Liverpool often overlook are Liverpool's unique contribution to the birthplace of the world's first iron-framed, curtain-walled office building (Oriel Chambers) and hosting the world's first integrated sewer system. The city's impact extends to the realms of music, with the Beatles performing nearly 300 times at the iconic Cavern Club.

For international students, Liverpool offers not only a world-class education but also a vibrant and welcoming community. The city's diverse population, historical landmarks, and cultural offerings make it an ideal destination for those seeking a memorable and enriching experience.

Q- What quality universities and colleges are situated in Liverpool?

The best universities and colleges for international students in Liverpool study are the University of Liverpool - Management School, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Laureate Online Education & University of Liverpool, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool John Moores University, University of Liverpool

Q- What are the top diplomas, graduates and post-graduate degrees offered in the best colleges and universities in Liverpool?

Some of the top diplomas, graduates and post-graduate degrees offered in the best colleges and universities in Liverpool are MBA/PGDM; MIM; B.E. / B.Tech; MS; B.Sc.; BBA; B.A.; PG Certificate; LL.B.; M.A.; MPH; Ph.D.; B.J.M.C.; B.Pharma; BSN; MPHARM; MSN; Others PG; BDS; BHM; B.Arch; LL.M.; M.Arch

Q- What are the different types of part-time jobs available for international students in Liverpool?

A- There are primarily three kinds of part-time work available for international students in Liverpool: On-campus Part-time Jobs for Students, Off-campus Part-time Jobs for Students, Online Part-time Jobs for Students

Q- Are there any eligibility criteria for international students to do part-time work?

A- Major eligibility criteria for international students to do part-time work are: they must be at least 16 years of age, they must be enrolled in a full-time degree program at a recognised Liverpool university, they must hold a valid Tier 5 student Visa, and they must comply with university rules & regulations.

Q- What are some high-paying part-time jobs for international students in Liverpool?

A- The best high-paying part-time jobs for international students in Liverpool are that of tutors offering tutoring services (£30 to £42 per hour), Freelance writing ( £31.03 per hour), Research Assistants (£15.21 per hour) and Library Assistants (£10 to £15 hour).

Q- What are some easy and flexible part-time jobs that international students in Liverpool can undertake along with their studies?

A- Some easy and flexible part-time jobs that most international students in Liverpool do are those of a Retail Assistant (£9.88 per hour), Receptionist (£8.97 per hour), Waiter (£12.18 per hour), Dog Walker (£12.50 per hour) and Food Delivery Driver (£10.42 per hour). 

Q- What are the best mobile operators/networks in Liverpool for international students?

A- The most common mobile operators/networks international students use in Liverpool are Voxi and EE. Other well-known mobile networks are Smarty (best for big data deals), Lebara (best for international calling), Giffgaff (best reliable mobile network with great value plans), and iD Mobile (best mobile network for low-cost phones and unlimited plans).

Q- What are the best eSim international students in Liverpool use?

A- The most popular eSims are Holafly(used in 90 destinations and offers unlimited data plan), Ubigi (known for having internet connections globally for 20+ years), and Telephone (coverage in 113 destinations all over the world and available in many languages). 

Q- What tools/websites are useful for planning Liverpool weekend trips by international students in the UK?

A- Popular websites which help in planning weekend Liverpool trips are Rentalcars.com (for great deals on rental cars, Booking.com or Expedia (for accommodation) and Get Your Guide or Tiqets or Viator (for best tour guides). Other tips for weekend Liverpool trips are to pack essential hiking gear and a power bank. 

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