University of Cumbria, UK

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University of Cumbria, UK


The University of Cumbria is a public university in Cumbria, England, established in 2007. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and has a reputation for strong vocational programs and teacher training.


The university has several campuses:

  1. Carlisle (Fusehill Street and Brampton Road)
  2. Lancaster
  3. Ambleside
  4. London (Tower Hamlets)

Nearby Universities

  1. Lancaster University
    • Located in Lancaster, this is a major research-intensive university.
  2. University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
    • Situated in Preston, offering a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  3. University of Cumbria's London Campus
    • Located in Tower Hamlets, providing specific courses with a focus on professional development.

Weather Around the University

Cumbria experiences a maritime climate with mild temperatures and significant rainfall throughout the year.

  • Summer (June to August): Average highs of 15°C to 20°C.
  • Winter (December to February): Average highs of 3°C to 8°C.
  • Rainfall: Frequent and can occur throughout the year, with the western parts of Cumbria being particularly wet.

Courses at the University of Cumbria

Undergraduate Programs

  • Business, Law, Policing and Social Sciences: Business Management, Law, Policing, Criminology.
  • Health and Science: Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Sport and Exercise Science.
  • Education: Primary Education, Secondary Education, Early Years Education.
  • Arts and Humanities: Fine Art, Graphic Design, Performing Arts, Creative Writing.

Postgraduate Programs

  • Health and Social Care: Advanced Clinical Practice, Public Health, Social Work.
  • Education: MA in Education, PGCE, Leadership in Education.
  • Business and Management: MBA, Project Management, Leadership and Sustainability.
  • Science and Environment: Conservation Biology, Forestry Management, Environmental Science.

Vocational and Professional Courses

The university is known for offering robust professional development programs, especially in fields like teaching, nursing, and social work.

Additional Information

  • Research: The university has research centers focusing on health, arts, education, and environmental sciences.
  • Student Support: Comprehensive student support services including career advice, counseling, and academic support.
  • Facilities: Modern facilities including libraries, laboratories, art studios, and sports facilities.


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