Living in Australia

What is the Cost of Living in Australia for international students? The Cost of Living in Australia for international students ask to bookmyuniroom.


Australia ranks as the world's 3rd most favored destination for students, renowned for its esteemed academic standing on a global scale. The country houses top-tier universities offering quality education and an array of scholarship opportunities. Surveys conducted by WorldGrad indicate that 37% of students planning their undergraduate studies consider Australia their top study destination.

Is Australia Ideal for International Students?

In 2021, Australia welcomed 725,000 international students, cementing its position as an educational hub. The country's appeal lies in its superior education system, expansive research prospects, safe study environments, employment opportunities, financial assistance, and inclusive community environment, as confirmed by The Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

Leading Universities in Australia

According to QS World University Rankings (2020), Australia boasts five universities ranking among the top 50 globally: Australian National University (29th), University of Melbourne (38th), University of Sydney (42nd), University of New South Wales (43rd), and University of Queensland (47th).

Understanding Living Costs in Australia

The estimated living expenses for international students range from A$1,400 to A$2,500 per month, excluding tuition fees. This encompasses essential expenditures such as food, transportation, utilities, and other miscellaneous costs, although individual lifestyles significantly influence actual monthly expenses.

Breakdown of Living Expenses in Australia

1. Average Tuition Fees: A$20,000 – A$50,000 per year.

2. Accommodation Costs: A$330 – A$1,500 per week.

3. Local Transport: A$100 – A$150 per month.

Tuition Fees in Australia

Tuition fees vary across public and private universities, generally lower at public institutions. Financial aid is available, with average fees ranging from A$20,000 to A$45,000 per year for undergraduates and A$22,000 to A$50,000 per year for postgraduates.

Accommodation Costs in Australia

Various types of student housing are available, offering different amenities and price ranges:

1. Student Housing (Ensuite/Studio): A$330 – A$800 per week.

2. Private Apartments: A$400 – A$1,500 per week.

3. University Halls (Ensuite/Studio): A$250 – A$800 per week.

Food Expenses

Monthly food expenses typically range from A$300 to A$500, contingent on individual spending habits and city preferences


Utility Bills in Australia

Utility bills for top cities average between A$200 to A$300 per month, encompassing electricity at A$100 to A$150 and water at A$50 to A$100. Student accommodations usually cover these expenses.

Transportation Costs in Australia

In major cities, transportation costs about A$100 to A$150 monthly, with bus rides at A$2 to A$3 per day and train rides at A$3 to A$4 per day.

This comprehensive breakdown provides insight into the costs associated with studying and living in Australia. Armed with this information, students can make informed decisions based on their preferences and budget constraints, with BookMyUniRoom offering diverse accommodation options to suit individual needs.