NYS School of Industrial & Labor Relations

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About “NYS School of Industrial & Labor Relations”

Overview of NYS School of Industrial & Labor Relations (ILR)

The New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) at Cornell University is renowned for its leadership in advancing the world of work through education, research, and outreach. Founded in 1945, ILR is the only institution of its kind in the United States, offering undergraduate and graduate programs that focus on workplace issues, labor relations, human resources, and employment policy.

Academic Programs:

  • ILR offers undergraduate majors in Industrial and Labor Relations, Labor Economics, and Human Resources Management.
  • Graduate programs include Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Human Resources and Employment Relations, Master of Industrial and Labor Relations (MILR), and Ph.D. in Industrial and Labor Relations.
  • The curriculum emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches, combining social sciences, law, economics, and management.

Global Collaborations and Campuses:

  • ILR has partnerships with various international institutions, fostering global collaborations in research, education, and outreach.
  • While ILR's main campus is located in Ithaca, New York, it also offers programs and initiatives in major cities worldwide.

Employment Outcomes:

  • Graduates of ILR programs are highly sought after by employers in diverse sectors, including government agencies, labor unions, corporations, nonprofits, and consulting firms.
  • ILR alumni hold prominent positions in fields such as human resources management, labor relations, organizational development, policy analysis, and law.

Student Life:

  • ILR provides a vibrant and supportive community for students, with numerous student organizations, clubs, and initiatives focused on labor issues, social justice, and professional development.
  • Students have access to academic advising, career services, internships, and research opportunities to enhance their educational experience.


  • ILR attracts a diverse and talented student body from across the United States and around the world.
  • Enrollment numbers vary by program and academic year but typically include undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.


  • Located in upstate New York, ILR's main campus in Ithaca experiences four distinct seasons, with cold winters, mild springs, warm summers, and colorful autumns.

Nearby Amenities:

  • The campus is situated in a scenic area surrounded by natural beauty, including gorges, waterfalls, and hiking trails.
  • Nearby amenities include dining options, shopping centers, recreational facilities, and cultural attractions in downtown Ithaca.

Travel Routes:

  • Ithaca is accessible by road via Interstate 81 and State Routes 13 and 96. The nearest major airport is Ithaca Tompkins International Airport (ITH), with connections to major cities in the United States.

Nearby Universities:

  • ILR benefits from its proximity to Cornell University's other colleges and schools, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and academic partnerships.

Nearby Party Places:

  • While ILR prioritizes academic excellence and professional development, students can find social gatherings and nightlife options in downtown Ithaca, including restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.

Nearby Famous Places:

  • Attractions near ILR include the Cornell Botanic Gardens, Cayuga Lake, Taughannock Falls State Park, and the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art.

In conclusion, the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) at Cornell University offers a comprehensive educational experience, preparing students for leadership roles in the dynamic field of labor relations, human resources, and employment policy. With its rigorous academic programs, global outlook, and vibrant campus life, ILR continues to make significant contributions to the advancement of labor and workplace issues worldwide.


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