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The University of Leeds is a public research university located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It started back in 1874 as the Yorkshire College of Science. Later in 1884, it combined with the Leeds School of Medicine, which was established in 1831, and became known as Yorkshire College. By 1887, it joined the federal Victoria University along with Owens College (now the University of Manchester) and University College Liverpool (now the University of Liverpool). In 1904, it received its royal charter from King Edward VII, officially becoming the University of Leeds.

Leeds University is the eleventh largest in the UK by total enrollment, receiving over 67,000 undergraduate applications annually. It's quite popular, ranking fifth among UK universities in terms of the volume of applications. In the financial year 2022–23, the university had an income of £979.5 million, with a significant portion coming from research grants and contracts. It also boasts notable alumni like Keir Starmer, Jack Straw, Sayeeda Warsi, Piers Sellers (NASA astronaut), and six Nobel laureates.

History of University of Leeds:

The University of Leeds has deep roots in the textile industry and the development of Leeds as a hub for clothing manufacture during the Victorian era. It traces back to the establishment of medical schools in England's cities to serve the public. The Yorkshire College of Science was founded in 1874 to provide education for the children of middle-class industrialists and merchants. Financial support from local industry played a crucial role in its establishment.

Initially, the college offered education in experimental physics, mathematics, geology, mining, chemistry, and biology. It later expanded its offerings to include classics, modern literature, and history. In 1884, it absorbed the Leeds School of Medicine and joined the federal Victoria University in 1887.

Victoria University and Royal Charter:

The University of Leeds joined the federal Victoria University in 1887, which had been established in Manchester in 1880. Unlike some other institutions, Leeds had always welcomed women on its courses. The university made efforts to encourage more women students, even offering a substantial salary to Hannah Robertson in 1904 to take on a significant role.

However, the idea of Victoria University was short-lived, as various university locations, including Manchester and Liverpool, preferred to establish themselves as independent universities. This led to the University of Liverpool gaining independence in 1903, followed by the University of Leeds, which received its royal charter in 1904 from King Edward VII.

Recent Developments:

The University of Leeds has been on a path of expansion since 2008, investing over £300 million in new educational, research, residential, and leisure facilities. They've also spent around £80 million to improve existing assets. The university has modernized its infrastructure, including the construction of new buildings and the refurbishment of existing ones.

Leeds University prides itself on its diverse and multicultural campus, welcoming over 9,000 international students from more than 170 countries annually. It also maintains strong links with the National Health Service (NHS), particularly through the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, which provides training opportunities for medical students.


The university's main campus covers 98 acres and features a mix of architectural styles ranging from Gothic Revival to postmodern. The Parkinson Building, named after a major benefactor, is an iconic Art Deco structure and a landmark in Leeds. Other notable buildings include the Maurice Keyworth Building, home to the Leeds University Business School, and the Roger Stevens Building, primarily used for lectures.

Leeds University also houses several libraries, including the Brotherton Library for Arts and humanities and the Edward Boyle Library for Sciences, social sciences, and Engineering. These libraries hold millions of books, journals, and electronic resources, making them vital research hubs.

Research and Academics:

The university boasts numerous research facilities and centres of excellence across various disciplines. These include state-of-the-art laboratories, such as the University of Leeds Driving Simulator for transport research and biomedical labs at St James's University Hospital.

Leeds School of Medicine, one of the largest in Europe, collaborates closely with the NHS and operates research laboratories for medical and healthcare sciences. The university's research extends to fields like aviation, with facilities like the Airbus A320 flight simulator.

In terms of admissions, the University of Leeds receives a large number of applications each year, with around 50,000 applications for undergraduate courses in 2016. It has a reputation for academic excellence, with high entry qualifications for undergraduates and a diverse student body.

Rankings and Accolades:

Leeds University consistently ranks well in national and global university rankings. It was named University of the Year 2017 by The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide. It's also affiliated with prestigious groups like the Russell Group and has earned accreditations from leading organizations in business education.

Overall, the University of Leeds continues to uphold its legacy of academic excellence, research innovation, and commitment to diversity, making it a respected institution both nationally and internationally.


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