Refer a friend

Help your friends find a uni home they truly love!
Refer & earn £50 on each successful booking!

Terms and Conditions

You can refer multiple friends and win cashback upto GBP 50!

The referred student must be a new user, not an existing student registered with bookmyuniroom.

The referred student must book in the property that is listed with bookmyuniroom.

The referred student must book a minimum 44-week stay via bookmyuniroom, in a listed property during the 2023–24 academic year, unless otherwise stated.

The referral cashback will be processed after 90 days from the date of the student's move-in; they must have made payment to the property, for their instalments as per their tenancy contract.

The referred student must have fulfilled the terms of their tenancy agreement(s) with the property.

This offer is personal to the customer and is non-transferable.

The offer does not apply to students who are rebooking the same apartment.

bookmyuniroom reserves the right to substitute the cashback with an Amazon voucher as an alternate if, for any reason, it is unable to proceed with the cash transfer.

bookmyuniroom employees and their families are not eligible for this offer.

Already Have Information

All you need is Name, Mobile Number and Email of your friends