Adelaide College of Divinity

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Adelaide College of Theology (ACD) is a renowned institution known for its commitment to theological education and training. Founded with the vision of providing quality education in theology and related fields, ACD offers a wide range of programs for students seeking careers in the fields of mission, theology, and religious studies. ACD is based in Adelaide, South Australia and works with several prestigious universities and theological colleges, including Flinders University and Divinity University. This collaboration ensures that students receive a comprehensive education that combines academic rigor with practical experience. At ACD, students have access to a diverse faculty of experienced scholars, theologians, and practitioners dedicated to promoting academic excellence and spiritual growth. 

The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs as well as research opportunities for those seeking advanced study in theology and related fields. One of the highlights of studying at ACD is the supportive and inclusive learning environment. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and denominations, creating a rich and vibrant community where different perspectives are valued and respected. Whether on campus or through online learning platforms, students have opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions, share ideas, and deepen their understanding of faith and theology. ACD also emphasizes the importance of practical experience in ministry, providing students with opportunities to participate in fieldwork, internships, and community service projects. These practical experiences allow students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world settings and prepare them to assume effective leadership roles in churches, organizations, and communities. 

In addition to academic programs, ACD offers a variety of resources and support services to help students succeed academically. From library facilities and research support to academic advising and pastoral care, the College strives to foster the holistic development of all students. Additionally, ACD is known for its commitment to social justice, ethical leadership, and interfaith dialogue. Through our curriculum and extracurricular activities, the College encourages students to engage in conversations that address issues of justice, peace, and reconciliation and promote understanding and unity across religious and cultural boundaries. Overall, Adelaide Theological College provides a dynamic and enriching educational experience for students who wish to deepen their understanding of theology, engage in meaningful service and positively impact their communities. With its academic excellence, supportive community, and commitment to social justice, ACD has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring theologians and religious leaders. 

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