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Welcome to bookmyuniroom, where your journey to finding the perfect home away from home begins. Our mission is clear to serve as the guiding light for international students

Meet our team

Ravi Sharma

A journey from an entrepreneur in the real estate industry, medicine, and hospitality sector to an influential educational promotion speaker showcases the depth of his commitment to creating positive change in society through education. His innovative approaches, ethical practices, and motivational speeches have collectively contributed to him being loved around by many students for their career growth. His journey serves as a testament to the power of combining business acumen with a passion for education, leaving an indelible imprint on the real estate sector and motivating generations to come. At bookmyuniroom he is laying the foundation of its core business value of creating a student-friendly online portal dedicated to student housing needs pan world. He takes care of Strategic partnerships & sales along with deriving dedicated policies for healthy and long-lasting student relationships. He is taking care of U.K./Europe sector.

Varun Goyal

Varun Goyal, a Sydney based young and dynamic individual, embarked on a journey that exemplifies the power of determination, resilience, and leadership. Moving from India to Australia at the tender age of 18 as an international student himself, he transitioned from being just a student to becoming a thriving entrepreneur at the young age of 24 leading a marketing company as its CEO. With many awards as best marketer to his kitty, he stands as a testament to the potential that young leaders possess when fuelled by a combination of ambition, strategic thinking, and a relentless commitment to excellence. Building on his foundation on understanding of market dynamics, sales strategies, and marketing tactics emerged he created a great marketing web of his potentials. As a sales strategist, Varun combines innovative thinking with an unwavering commitment to a customer -centric approach. With wide interest in real estate and finance sector he is capable of turning any strides in his favour. As Founder Director of bookmyuniroom, he wishes to bring in new innovations and strategies to what he always felt were needed from his own experience as a young student immigrant. At bookmyuniroom, he is looking after to create innovative sales & marketing strategies to carter millions of students worldwide and to give them an unmatched experience in finding their dream homes.

Arshia Sharma

A passionate bird photographer by hobby is a young entrepreneur with a unique educational background in Microbiology and English Literature. Combining her diverse academic pursuits, she has emerged as a dedicated youth activist with a profound understanding of the education sector. Known for her meticulous approach and sharp analytical skills, Arshia possesses an innate ability to evaluate opportunities and strategies, aiming to establish an enhanced global platform for the advancement of education. Her unwavering commitment to championing education for every girl child worldwide stands as a testament to her visionary outlook.

Within bookmyuniroom, Arshia spearheads social & digital marketing and outreach initiatives. Her role involves conceptualizing and implementing strategies that resonate with students while enhancing their interaction and engagement with the platform. Arshia's knack for innovation has led her to develop student-friendly platforms that facilitate seamless communication and foster stronger student relationships.

Anoop Kumar Sapra

Anoop qualified as Certified Public Accountant (CPA) & Company Secretary is an international finance man with in-depth knowledge of finance and audit with more than 30 years of experience at his disposal.   Associated with leading international banks and finance/Audit companies in senior management role he had shaped himself into a top finance advisor and worked towards developing many finance strategies for clients. At bookmyuniroom, he plays an important and crucial advisory role in guiding the Founders in formulating their finance and audit strategies for international operations.